CCTV & Security Products

Peddletech Solutions Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of CCTV, security products, and alarm systems for homes, bungalows, offices, and commercial institutions. We offer the best in a quality range of electronic security systems. All our products are checked on quality from the time of sourcing from well-known brands on parameters such as durability, superb visibility, and effectual operation. 

  • CCTV – CCTV cameras are capable of capturing high-definition images and videos footage of up to 1080p resolution. Most of our CCTV cameras include DVR viewer software that is compatible with both MAC and Windows PCs as well as for mobile phones. Our CCTV systems are pre-configured, easy to use, and easy to install. 
  • Video Door Phones – With the technology evolving at each moment, the video door phone cameras help to facilitate two-way communication. With a clear sound/speaker system, low power consumption, and high-definition video; the video door phone is the best surveillance equipment for both residential and commercial purposes. The best part about video door phones is that it is affordable as compared to the traditional security systems. 
  • Access Controls – Access controls are used in the identification of an individual who does a specific job, to authenticate them and then proceed to give that individual an entry into the premises or the workstation that they need access to. Peddletech Solutions Pvt ltd offers the end-user three variations of access controls such as Discretionary Access Controls (DAC), Managed Access Control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC). An access control system helps to keep a track of who’s coming and going into the premises, keeps track of employees, secures sensitive data and information, reduces thefts and accidents, and the best part is less usage of physical keys.
  • Biometric Devices – Biometric devices are used for maintaining and managing workforce attendance. Our biometric attendance system presents a cost-effective solution for controlling the employee’s attendance and collecting the data. A biometric device captures the physical features such as hand fingerprints, or iris patterns, and sometimes even the voice is used as a record for identity verification. Peddletech Solutions Pvt ltd always provides their clients with the best-in-technology products and offers an excellent solution to our customers and clients.