Are You Lagging Behind In Advanced Payment Technology Compared To Other Entertainment Centres?

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At any entertainment center, it’s important to have a fast, easy-to-use point of sale (POS) system. Our POS can be used at the front desk, concession stand, gift shop, or anywhere else you need to run transactions. Each product is programmed with costs and any taxes that need to be associated. All product buttons can have customized sizes and colors in order to fit your formatting needs. There are up to eight category screens that can be utilized, and each point of sale terminal can have its own “home screen” category. In addition to product buttons, the system allows programmable barcodes so you can scan individual products.

Food & Beverages

Customer/Patron Is Waiting For Your Bill After A Good Meal At Your Restaurant..?

We at POS Solutions provide you the upgraded technology which is fast and easy to use. We are a reliable partner in your business growth and assist you in taking forward your business to a next level by providing high quality technical solutions. So you need not to let your patron wait for a bill. Kindly check our variety of products. They are easily manageable and simple to use.

The equipment and hardware system makes it easy for your customers to shop. This increases your performance and keeps them coming back to your store.



Want your patron enjoy his gaming activity at ease?

We have a solution
The POS system has quick functions with the ability to look up points, available comps and tell a patron how close they are to the next tier or how far they are from getting the next comp. At Casinos, cashiers, bartenders, and managers should have the facility to track the player such as when he is redeeming points and coupons. People are beginning to realize the big potential of this relatively untapped market.

Even at the shopping malls, food courts, children tend to play games where you actually need cash/credit card, then, POS Solutions provide you the most trusted equipment you can rely on. So, install our payment systems at your gaming zones and let them enjoy the game.


Long Queues For Payment Transactions At Your Store Giving You A Headache?

We have a solution
Our Customizable order interface allows for order entry to flow according to your needs. It is quite user friendly and relatively faster to implement as it leverages a ready-made platform which has already been provisioned and implemented. POS Solutions makes the sales processes so easy, so that you can improve your business efficiency and enhance customer experience.


Payment options in betting gave you a second thought?

We have a solution 
Point of sale terminals have become the indispensable equipment in everyday business transactions and betting is no exception. Since our presence in the country is well received through various regions, now let your customer can even bet in your nearest turf clubs in major cities without any hassles.


Want to reduce your admin costs?

Give your company a competitive advantage.
Streamlining your payment systems can reduce your admin costs. Give your customers even quicker and more convenient ways to pay in order to give competitive advantage to your company. Be it an electricity bill or water bill or any other utility bill adopt the innovative transaction system. It is less time-consuming process than the traditional payments system.

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