Point of Sales Hardware

  • Touch POS Terminals – Right from your local ‘Kirana’ stores, hypermarkets, and modern retail giants, the POS terminal is the most oblivious piece of technology that is visible. Alongside delivering a seamless customer experience, we help in scaling up the retailer’s brand in the larger picture. Aligning with the needs of a retail store, we provide solutions that signify our expertise and excellence within the industry. Our Point of Sales terminals is of the highest quality that deliver robust performance. 
  • Billing Printers – With the finest range of thermal and Bluetooth-enabled billing printers, Peddletech is a market leader in supplying billing printers for every kind of business. Be it FMCG, retail, manufacturing, and more, we aim to maximize your efficiency at minimal costs. All our machines come with multi-interface capability and are designed to deliver high-resolution printing at the quickest possible time. The ergonomic designs help you to handle it with ease and are integrated with Android platforms. 
  • Kiosks – A kiosk machine is a small stand-alone device that uses a touchscreen interface and advanced programming software. It is used in high-traffic areas and mostly for marketing purposes. These kiosks can be managed by one or two individuals or can also be completely electronic. 
  • POS Peripherals – Peddletech provides various peripherals such as cash drawers and pole displays. These are used to ease the transaction process and encourage transparency to the clients. 

Cash Drawers – From shopping malls to local grocery/Kirana stores, everyone requires that their cash drawers are safe and secured. These cash drawers are a perfect fit as they are available in various dimensions and specifications and are integrated with POS printers and other industry-standard models. The metallic surface makes it smooth and easy to work. At peddletech, we have electronic cash drawers specifically designed as per the convenience/requirements from the best manufacturers.

Pole Display – Pole displays are also known as customer displays and are used to show customers transaction information including specific items or the total due.

  • EAS System – Partnering with trusted companies has made Peddletech achieve a great market space in today’s competitive market. Electronic Article Surveillance systems are best in class and come in different forms like radio frequency, electromagnetic, etc. It supports in minimizing the risk of shoplifting and offers security for the company. The effective EAS systems are very quick in detecting mishaps and provide the best-in-class sensors for prompt actions. We also provide customized solutions for mobile stores for protecting the featured gadgets in the display. These systems also help in enhancing and strengthening the retail operations of your company. 
  • Cash RegistersAlso known as the till a cash register or an automated money handling system is a mechanical or an electronic device for registering and calculating transactions at a point of sale. The cash register is attached to the drawer which helps in storing cash and other valuables. The cash register is usually attached to the printer that can print out receipts thereby being used for record-keeping purposes. 

A cash register (also known as a “cash tiller”) is a mechanical or electronic device used to register and calculate transactions at the point of sale. The cash register plays an attached drawer that helps store cash and other valuable items. The cash register is usually attached to the printer, which can print out receipts for record-keeping purposes.


A cash register, also known as an automated money handling system, is a mechanical or an electronic device for registering and calculating transactions at a point of sale. It can be used to quickly calculate the change in the drawer thereby being attached to the printer that can print out receipts for record-keeping purposes.


The cash register also known as a till is an automated machine that calculates transactions and registers sales at a point of sale. This technology has been around since the 18th century but it achieved widespread use after the invention of the price tag, which arose in 1884 through an inventor known as James Macey Wilkinson. The register is usually attached to the printer which helps in printing receipts which can then be used to keep records of transactions.

  • Bluetooth Mobility Printers – Once the phone and printer are connected using Bluetooth, you can wirelessly print documents and photos from your phone. Peddletech Solutions Pvt Ltd provides an array of Bluetooth printers that are reasonably priced and offer best-in-class prints and services. 
  • Handheld POS Terminals – A handheld POS terminal is a hardware system that is used for processing card payments at retail locations. The handheld POS terminals are built for speed and have an intuitive interface equivalent to that of a smartphone and therefore are easier to operate. 
  • Billing Rolls – Peddletech deals in providing thermal bill rolls according to the needs of your device alongside customizing rolls with your brand logo. We have collaborations with the best companies in the market designed to serve you the best. Based on the printing device of your enterprise, you can choose the roll with any width, diameter, length, and core size. At Peddletech we also have the standard required bill role that works in general. We offer deals that fit right within your budget without compromising on the quality of the material.