Printers & Scanners

Peddletech Solutions provides Pune with the best and budgeted cost printers and scanners. With best-in-class features, Peddletech is a market leader in supplying billing printers, barcode printers, scanners, and lots more. Looking to provide maximum efficiency at minimal costs, Peddletech Solutions leads the way in various domains such as retail, catering, logistics, medical institutions, and lots more. We have an extensive array of brands such as Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Ricoh which provide high-quality prints in a minimal time frame. All our printers & scanners come with multi-entice capability such as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; capability and are designed to deliver high-resolution printing and scanning.

  • Ink tank Printers – As the name suggests, Ink Tank Printers have individual color ink tanks. These color tanks have a holding capacity of approximately 70 ml of ink which is great for various printing jobs. The ink tank printers are very reasonable and do not require a lot of maintenance in the long run. In short, these ink tank printers are durable, cost-effective, and easy to use. 
  • Laser Printers – Laser printers provide fine-quality text and graphics that are perfect for both personal and business use. A laser printer is the most efficient and economical choice for heavy text-based documents. With multiple brand partners, Peddletech Solutions collaborates with the best manufacturers across the globe and provides printers on a PAN-India level. 
  • Dot-matrix Printers – Dot-matrix printers are compact printers that use hammers and ribbons to form images from dots. It’s also known as a serial dot matrix printer. A dot-matrix printer works best on uncoated, relatively thin paper and is perfect for invoices and other paperwork. Due to their impact-based printing functions, they can print on all the parts of a single form in just one pass. 
  • Chequebook Printers – Peddletech Solutions also provides checkbook printers. Here the customer can print their cheques by enabling the cheque printing option in the banking menu. Peddletech solutions provide a range of laser printers that helps to print secure cheques and financial documents. 
  • Document Scanners – peddletech solutions provide a one-stop solution for clients requiring scanners. It has an extensive array of scanners with various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. 
  • Cartridges – With an extensive array of cartridges of different sizes and shapes, Peddletech Solutions Pvt Ltd has always been ahead in providing superior quality products that meet the expectations of the clients.